“You hold all the aces. You may wonder just how simply by using these language patterns and integrating them into your work with pupils and students you can become a highly effective teacher. So, don’t be surprised and delighted when you notice an immediate and positive impact.”

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You can learn on your own or with others to develop your linguistic skills, and you'll find that as you use these cards to accelerate your learning, you'll be using more influential language before you know it.

Building on the inspirational work of Richard Bandler, co-creator and developer of NLP, the original ‘Zebu’ and Jamie Smart’s ‘Salad’ card sets, Teaching Influence cards are designed by a teacher to help you learn to use elegant, efficient and effective language patterns in a teaching context. All the examples are drawn from teaching and learning so you can apply them immediately for outstanding results.

Notice how quickly and positively your pupils and students respond
In a recent study into the use of these language patterns in the classroom, teachers and teaching assistants reported immediate and positive changes in their pupils.

Click here to read what some teachers and teaching assistants have said about the impact of using these language patterns with their pupils and students

You know those moments you wish you'd said the right thing
Those times when, as you walked away, the killer line came straight to mind.
Those interactions with pupils and students when the words just didn't come out right
As you learn more about communicating with Teaching Influence cards, those times can become fewer and fewer, because the more you practise the language patterns within the cards the more you become a confident communicator the more right words are likely to come straight to mind.