Language cards finally complete

Following almost 18 months of research, trial and error, and critical feedback from teachers and others working in schools and the NLP world, the Teaching Influence cards are finished.
It's been quite a journey that all started when working with Kate Benson on the Durham Project in the Summer of 2006.
I was looking for ways to make the power of NLP-based language patterns both available and, more importantly, directly relevant to everyone involved in the teaching of children, young people and adults. I was well aware of Zebu cards and Jamie Smart's excellent card sets, so I used them as my starting point and developed prototype sets for use with the teachers, teaching assistants and advisory teachers involved in the project.
The resultant responses were so encouraging I decided to develop them further. Each subsequent set of cards was tested by teachers and others, and modified as a result of their frank feedback Happy
So I'm very confident that the published version is robust and extremely useful for those wanting to have ethical and considerable influence on the people they are teaching.
Of course, it doesn't stop there. When you use the cards, please let me know how they worked for you and how they impacted on your teaching and your pupils' learning.